The snow, what little we had this winter, is long gone, the Sweet 16 is here and we've turned our clocks forward. If you still need another sign that Spring has sprung, Yakima Parks & Rec has announced that Fisher Park Golf Course will be open for play this Friday (Mar. 26)!

Obviously, last season was massively truncated by the coronavirus pandemic. It's good to see that the season is starting up again when it historically always has. That said, the Parks and Recreation Department of Yakima are still adhering to COVID-19 protocols. Because of the prolonged winter, however, the park will only be allowing for foot traffic (as in, no carts) for the first few weeks of operation until the grounds dry out a bit more.

The par-3, 9-hole municipal course is located at 823 S. 40th Ave., across the street from Eisenhower High School.

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Daily specials include Senior Citizen Day on Mondays, Ladies’ Day on Tuesdays, and Men’s Day on Thursdays. Greens fees are $10 for the first round and an additional $6 for a second round for adult golfers. Juniors and Senior Citizens are $9 and $5, respectively.

According to the park's page on the Parks and Rec website, "No need to call for tee times, first come – first serve. Typical hours are daily, 8 am to dusk, with final tee time at 6:15 pm. Early and late season will vary depending on light and weather."

For more information on coronavirus protocols, call the Fisher Park Golf Course at 575-6075 or visit

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