I know people that actually use their TEETH to open up bottle tops and aluminum beer cans. Yikes! Just think, all this time, they could have been using one of these things!

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Keychains - Garys Wine Shop
screenshot via Garyswine.com

That's right, thanks to a Tik Tok video from Yakima user, @itscakeyy, I now know that you can use the sliver of an edge from one of those keychain bottle openers to open up a can of beer by its lid. The concept is so genius and so obvious, yet I have never, ever thought of using it that way, and I actually consider myself kinda smart!

I am one of THOSE people who has a bottle opener on my keychain. It comes in very handy at parties when somebody has a non-twist-off bottle of Hard Mike's or a bottle of beer. They yell for me to come into the room and open up the bottles. It makes me feel needed so I make sure to carry my keychain bottle opener with me at all times. Ha!

Watch this Tik Tok video from user @itscakeyy. With nearly 150,000 views, this viral video shows a young woman demonstrating the easiest way (hack) to open up a can of beer. This really comes in handy if you have long nails or no nails at all! The caption says, "I was 27 years old when I discovered this. I bet y’all didn’t know this!! The more you know!! #fyp #foryou #ChipsGotTalent"

The video is only ten (10) seconds long, but that's all you need to see this hack. I am today years old when I found out about this hack! For more Tik Tok videos from itscakeyy, click here.

One commenter said it took them thirty (30) years before they knew about this hack.

"Girl, I was shooketh! ahaha" says @itscakeyy.

Me, too, girl! Me, too!

Shooketh: from itscakeyy via Tik Tok
@itscakeyy via Tik Tok

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