Following Saturday evening's wickedly vicious storm, I posted the "carnage" we experienced at my home in East Valley (basically, a glass top picnic table and a propane grill got destroyed).

We also posted a quick and dirty photo gallery of some of the first photos popping up on social media immediately following Mother Nature's outburst that knocked down trees and knocked out power/internet access up and down and across the Yakima Valley.

Yesterday (June 1), we asked you to post any other crazy images that displayed the force that was the storm and also to remind ourselves that A.) somebody else always has it worse than yourself and B.) how lucky most of us were to remain relatively unscathed.
As you will see, some folks had trees crush their sheds, homes and vehicles. Roof shingles were utterly helpless. Even aircraft. Yep, an aeroplane was downed in the Kittitas Valley. Oh, lest we not forget the FIRE that burned on person's house!

Here now we present an even more recent depiction of what folks were dealing with in the aftermath. If you have a photo or video that you would like to have added to this particular collection, by all means, feel free to send it to us via the KATS mobile app. Simply select from the drop-down menu "Submit Photo / Video / Audio", follow a few quick and easy steps and we will be happy to share it for all to bear witness to.

Above all, stay safe and be well!

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