Helping people get back to normal. That's what officials from the Yakima Salvation Army are doing in Skagit Valley and Whatcom County this week.

The team from Yakima left on Monday with lots of supplies

Lisa Sargent, Community Relations & Outreach Program Manager says on Monday a special team from Yakima traveled to the impact area to help families. The team with equipped with supplies to help people survive and cope after being forced from home by flood waters. In fact teams from throughout the state are now in the area providing help in the form of food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies.

Salvation Army officials from around the state are in the area to help

Major Jonathan Harvey, with the Salvation Army Northwest says “people are displaced from their homes and will be served hot meals from our canteens in the area and will have access to personal hygiene products to see them through the next couple of days.”
Salvation Army officials wont' leave after the clean up is finished. He says they'll partner with local community organizations to address the long-term needs in the region.
Governor Jay Inslee says damage assessments are underway with promise from the governor to seek federal recovery dollars.

The governor visited the area on Wednesday

The governor visited Whatcom County on Wednesday where he says he saw some 500 homes damaged from rain drenching storms. He says damages are being compiled to prepare the bid for federal assistance funding.

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