Having lived in Yakima since 1977, I have certainly seen it grow and, of course, heard how fraught with crime it is by some. But is it really that bad?

According to a new study done by the folks over at AdvisorSmith.com, Yakima ranks as the 16th safest large city (100,000 residents or more) based on data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). That said, 25 cities made the cut in that category with Sammamish ranking as most safe, Seattle #22 and Spokane dead last at #25.
In all, 180 cities and towns were measured and divided into large, midsize (10-50,000 residents) and small (less than 10,000).

They accounted data involving property and violent crime to "include rape, robbery, murder, assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft. "

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In the category of small towns, the town of Moxee was the highest ranking of municipalities in the Yakima Valley coming in at #12. Tieton was #18, Zillah #26 with Toppenish and Union Gap at #93 and #94 out of 94 total cities ranked.

Back in 2014, after cleaning up following a Downtown Summer Nights event, I opened the camera on my crappy phone and recorded myself walking the streets of downtown Yakima that are often much maligned. As one YouTube commenter stated, the video would, likely, have much more total views had I gotten attacked while videoing myself. Which is to say, NOTHING happened and, while an anecdotal example, it shows that creeping marauders aren't, necessarily, hiding behind every corner in Yakima.
You can watch it for yourself here:

Be safe, be well and rock on! m/ m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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