The Yakima Police Department has identified the driver and passenger involved in a one vehicle crash last month that damaged the Yakima Airport air traffic control tower. Authorities say the crash happened early on the morning of May 20 when the driver, identified as 19-year-old Vance Jourdan III was speeding eastbound on Washington Avenue and lost control of the vehicle.

Police say the vehicle slammed into power transformers and a tire hit the tower

The vehicle veered off the side of the road and struck "two power transformers, and eventually impacted the air traffic control tower a few feet off the ground. A tire that had become detached from the vehicle impacted the control tower about 15 feet off the ground." A press release from the Yakima Police Department says the driver and passenger were taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital with injuries. Vance Jourdan III, the driver, died from injuries but his passenger, identified as 23-year-old Austin Devolve was treated and released from Harborview Medical Center. He's now recovering at home
Police say Vance Jourdan III was stabilized and an attempt "was made to life-flight him to Harborview Medical Center for advanced medical treatment. However Jourdan died from his injuries while enroute to the airport."

The crash damaged the tower which is still closed at the airport

The crash damaged the Yakima Airport air traffic control tower and forced employees to leave the facility. The support beams inside the facility were damaged in the crash. Even though the tower was damaged flights resumed the next day after the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration owns the tower and will work to repair it. Until it's fixed air traffic controllers are working out of a temporary trailer located on the airport grounds.

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