Having just returned from a long, summer road trip, I'm more in love with my car than ever before.

But some news that broke while I was gone has me thinking road trips might be changing soon.

Here's what The Associated Press reported Wednesday (July 5) from Helsinki:

Volvo says its goal is to sell 1 million electrified cars by 2025. The Swedish company says that it will begin producing electric motors on all of its cars from 2019, becoming the first traditional automaker to forgo the combustion engine altogether. Volvo says it'll offer a range of models, including fully electric vehicles and hybrid cars.

What the WHAT?

For me, nothing beats the sound of a gas engine winding up as you curl into those beautiful turns coming up Highway 101 along the coast or as you gun it going up Highway 410 toward Chinook Pass.

Would it be the same in an electric vehicle? You'd only hear airflow and some slight road noise.

Sure, some of those Teslas are supposed to be really fast. And I could do without paying three bucks a gallon for gas. But I just don't know if driving (let alone riding motorcycles!) would be quite as much fun if instead of hitting the highway we were heading down to Electric Avenue.

What do you think?

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