The debate is on! Both states have a great Quality of Living, but which state is better to live in? Check out these stats and decide which state is best for you!


Which state has a lower cost of Living?

Idaho has an overall lower cost of living, with the exception of housing which is just above the national average. The reason? Cali expats (like myself) are the cause of housing prices in the great Northwest. On behalf of all former Cali dwellers, we humbly apologize.

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High Minimum Wage?

Washington’s minimum wage was adjusted to $13.50 an hour in 2020. The State of Idaho is still at $7.25 an hour. Washington’s unemployment rate (pre-COVID) was 5.1% (Mar 2020). Idaho’s unemployment rate is 2.6%


Which has The Better climate?

EASTERN Washington wins. Deserty and sunshine over 300 days a year. Idaho is colder during the winter, but summers rarely reach over 95 degrees.


Which is best for Big City Living?

Boise with the win! Sure in Washington we got Seattle, Spokane and Yakima. But Boise is the up and comer! With beautiful parks, great museums, RV parks, restaurants and great wedding venues! Attractions for children include Discovery Center of Idaho, Zoo Boise, the Aquarium of Boise and the World Center for Birds of Prey. Boise is a great place to visit with the family!

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Love the Mountains? Both!

In Washington if you like to Climbing Mountains, then Washington state offers Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Baker Glacier Peak and Bonanza Peak.

Boise Mountains include, Boulder Mountains, Chalk Hills, Cottonwood Mountain and Cuddy Mountains. Skiing is great in both states.

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Excellent potatoes? Both

Surprised? Idaho topped the ranking of leading potato producing states, with an annual production amount of about 130.9 million cwt of potatoes in 2019. Comes a close second 99 million cwt. Washington cranks out the potatoes? Who knew?


Excellent wine? Both!

Although Washington has far more wineries and more varietals. Idaho wines are upcoming.

Wine growing regions include the Snake River Valley, Eagle Foothills and The Lewis-Clark Valley.

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Agriculture? Incredible crop quality in both states

Washington is more diverse crops than Idaho. 75% of hops come from Yakima. If you read our potatoe yield in Washington, you know that it’s rich in agriculture. Idaho


Free of Natural Disasters? Both!

The last natural disaster of any significance was the eruption of Mt St Helen 40 years ago. Earthquakes, Tornados and other natural disasters are rare in both states.

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