If you’re attending the fair this year for the food or any other reason don't forget about the increase in security. Kathy Kramer, President and CEO of State Fair Park urges everyone to check the items that are banned from entering the gates. Kramer says "for those folks that carry and have conceal permits - we are NOT allowing concealed weapons into the Fair. We are conducting wanding at all gates and increased bag checks.  We will have lots of signage at the gates for prohibited items."

Most people never bring a lot of banned items into the fair anyway

The fair bans the following items from entering the gates;
- Bottles or cans
- Hard-sided coolers
- Frisbees and beach balls
- Laser pointers
- Mace
- Any noise making devices
- Fireworks
- Illegal drugs and alcohol
- Weapons and dangerous devices of any type
- Selfie Sticks
- No Pets - Service Animals Only

Violence in Yakima has prompted a change in security

The change in security this year? Fair officials say "Beginning this year, guests will be subject to random pat-downs. Fair officials say "have your ticket in hand and be prepared to open any carry-in item you are bringing to the Fair so it can be inspected, or be ready to step aside for a brief pat-down."
Personal items that may be inspected include all purses, back packs, briefcases, suitcases, athletic bags, duffel bags, coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, diaper bags, strollers, packages, containers and other similar products capable of concealing prohibited items."

If you bring a banned item it will go to one of three places

Kramer says prohibited items "must be taken back to guests' vehicles or put in the garbage. They say any illegal items, including illegal drugs, will be turned over to the Yakima Police Department.

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