Trends come and go. Things, clothing and sayings from different eras that I wish never happened. But they did. "Totally tubular" was one of the worst sayings ever. It lasted an entire decade. UGH! Let's hope some of the trends that have happened in the last couple of years leave us in 2017.

Inspirational memes on Facebook are my least favorite. I like the ones people write themselves, but generally they are the copy and paste version. Over it.

Updating your status on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with what you are doing at the moment has got to stop. Share a photo and tell about that. Everything else is moot!

The term "bae" for your new boyfriend or girlfriend should have never started. I will never say that term and the people who do sound like uneducated millennials.

Wearing skinny jeans super tight and halfway down the butt with your underwear showing wasn't cool the day it started, and isn't cool now. Cannot stand it.

Here are some others from, and I completely agree.

How do you feel? What trends in Yakima Valley do you wish would go away in 2017? Tell us in the comments below.

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