On Monday I had some kinda stomach issue and couldn't keep it together. After going home I chatted with the crew and everyone agreed to be safe I should go get a covid test before coming back to work. I scheduled an appointment for the next day at Yakima Valley College.

It may not have been my first choice if I'm being honest, it's not that I didn't wanna go there were just other options available, however when I tried to find an appointment people were booked out for two to three days. Thankfully Yakima Valley College had multiple appointments.

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If you weren't unfortunate enough to get a Covid-19 test back in 2020 they were done quite differently than they are from today. On my first ever Covid test I had they took a long Q-tip and put it up into my sinuses and rubbed around for a good ten seconds before moving to the other nostril. Where it wasn't unbearable, man did it feel like my brain was being scratched.

That being said Covid tests don't seem to be anything like that anymore, instead, it's an easy ten seconds in each nostril and nowhere up into your sinuses. That being said the Covid Testing site at Yakima Valley College was not only painless but moved quickly and hourly.

When you first get there you check in with a representative on-site that either help you set up your appointment as a walk-up or confirms your appointment on arrival. After you'll move through a line where they'll hand you your discharge papers and a vile. You'll wait in another line until you get near a booth with medical officials that will guide you through administering the test to yourself. After you'll place the Q-tip into the vile and then you're on your way. You should get your results in 48 hours or less.

If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms of Covid you can schedule your appointment here. Covid Testing Appointments For Yakima Valley College.

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