Driving home from work and school the other day, my 7-year old daughter Willow yells out from the back seat:

Willow: Look, Mom! There's Kid's Castle!

Me: That's cool and all baby, but where is the Parent's Castle?! How about y'all sit down and watch US have fun for a change?

W: But that would be SO BORING. We would be so bored and, like, puke!

Har, har.

Kids get all the cool stuff. They've got Kid's Castle, Selah Gym Kids, Get Air Yakima and various other "jungle gym" locations spread out through town, but there's no equivalent for the parents. I'm not talking about a place with adult-sized bouncy houses and ball pits. I'm talking about a place where parents can do more than read a book, stare into space or scroll through their Facebook news feeds while their kids rumble and tumble with about fifty of their new best friends.

On the west side of the mountains, there are a few places that I would kill to have over here in Yakima. Have you ever been to Lucky Strike in Bellevue? Under one fancy roof, they've not only have a bowling alley, it also contains a pool hall, lounge club, restaurant and comedy club! Okay, so they don't allow kids, but we still need a Lucky Strike here in Yakima, pronto.

In Portland, they have a "jungle gym" like place for kids (Playdate PDX, 1434 NW 17th Ave, Portland), but it also contains a bar and relaxing COUCHES for parents to lounge on, and it even offers free wifi! Talk about pampered. I like being spoiled, so I think we need a Playdate YKM, ASAP.

I've heard many Yakimites say they wish we had a Dave & Buster's here. I've never been to one, so I have no idea how much fun that place would be. It doesn't even matter at this point, I trust my friends' judgment! It sounds like it's a replica of Jillian's, this place I used to love going to in my hometown of Nashville. Let's bring Dave & Buster's here already! What's the hold up! ;)

My dream Parent's Castle is a place with a bed with an adjustable base for every parent, pillows, Netflix, a cocktail and some chips. Now, THAT, would be AMAZING.

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