Here's the general breakdown of my new morning show on MEGA 99.3!

6 a.m. HOUR:
Roll Call: Let's take a minute to give a shout out to all the new listeners on MEGA 99.3! I'm letting everybody listening know that we know we can count on YOU to like MEGA 99.3 on Facebook, too!

Fill In The Blank Question of the Day: I post up a new question on the MEGA 99.3 Facebook page every morning by 6am, and read your answers on the air.

7 a.m. HOUR:
The Tea: I fill you in on all the celebrity gossip and give a shout out to any MEGA 99.3 artist "celebrity bdays".

Name That Show: Take a trip down memory lane by listening to either a theme song or audio clip from a TV show or movie from back in the day!

8 a.m. HOUR:
Soul Train Song of the Day: The show was a hoot to watch, so why not highlight some of the songs that made everyone tune into to the Soul Train TV show!

Miss Me With That Mess: Featuring the stupid criminal story of the day. There's never a shortage of stories like these!

9 a.m. HOUR:
ICYMI: In Case You Missed It -- local and national stories that you may have missed from the day/week before

Gone In 60 Seconds: Whenever I have local celebrities stop by to promote nonprofit events, I'm only giving them 60 seconds to say their peace. No more, no less!

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