Madonna's madge-nificent, controversy-addled Rebel Heart Tour has sadly come to an end after a particularly wild, nipple-exposing ride Down Under in Australia — but that doesn't mean we're done seeing everything there is to see from the show. (You only see what your eyes want to see ...)

Even though the show was filmed in Sydney, presumably for an upcoming tour DVD, we've already got some wondrous footage to enjoy: The "Iconic" Rebel Heart Tour intro video in full, glorious HD quality, co-starring Mike Tyson.

Featuring a very "Sooner Or Later"-at-the-Oscars Madge dripping in jewels and writhing behind bars, the clip quickly takes a very bloody turn with some heavy social commentary about police brutality and fascism ("you better prepare to fight for what you believe in," she declares), as a sweat-drenched Tyson delivers his motivational "Iconic" message in chains.

But didn't she warn you already? Don't ever tell Madonna to stop. The tides quickly turn as she transforms into the mighty Rebel Heart warrior she is to lead her freedom fighters. And so, M's revolution — and the show — begins. Are you with her? Gah, I miss this tour already.

See Photos from Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour in New York City:

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