Disney+: The streaming home of wholesome family entertainment. Like, Cinderella. Or Doc McStuffins. Or Turning Red. Or ... wait, Deadpool? On Disney+? Wasn’t that movie rated R?

It sure was! So was Deadpool 2 (although they later did release a tamer PG-13-rated cut of that). But both of them are coming to Disney+ starting tomorrow. Marvel’s official Twitter account just announced the news — and revealed that the R-rated Logan is also going to be streaming on Disney+ this week as well.

Just for the record, the first Deadpool was rated R for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.” Deadpool 2 was rated R for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual references and brief drug material.” Logan was R for “strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity.” Look, it’s only brief nudity in that one, so it should be fine!

When Disney+ first launched it was exclusively populated with content for the whole family. Even after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its library, they only added its children’s films — like Home Alone — to the service, while putting more adult fare on its sister site, Hulu. But earlier this spring there were reports that Disney was looking to add its first R-rated title to Disney+. And here are three R-rated films that are definitely going to be streaming there starting this week.

Clearly, Disney has decided the value of enlarging the service’s Marvel library — which already includes every Marvel Cinematic Universe title (except the Spider-Man films) as well as Fox’s other X-Men movies like X2 and Days of Future Past — is more valuable than maintaining its brand as a streaming service that’s just for kids and families. The service recently added parental controls so if you don’t want your kids to watch Ryan Reynolds tell Josh Brolin dirty jokes, it is easy enough to do.

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