A digital billboard sign on the property of Waffles Cafe restaurant in Yakima announced a reopening on September 17th.

Waffles Cafe, located at 1510 N 1st St, has been temporarily closed due to county-wide COVID-19 indoor dining capacity limitations. These restrictions have been in place since the third week of March 2020. Washington state governor Jay Inslee and the Yakima County Health District approved an increase on Thursday for indoor dining capacity levels to 25%, according to the "Safe Start" phased program. Yakima County is currently in modified Phase One.

The first restaurant I dined in Yakima was at Waffles Cafe. A bunch of us went there for a staff meeting with the boss after our morning shows that day. I had just moved to town from a metropolitan city so I wasn't used to eating in small diners.

I looked around the table to see what everyone else was ordering because I had no idea what was the best thing to get from the menu. My work crew told me to just order some waffles and coffee like everybody else. They also mentioned that I could build my own waffle if I couldn't decide.

I couldn't resist, I ordered the Belgian waffles with whipped cream, coffee, eggs, hash browns and I think I asked for a strip or two of bacon on the side. When my breakfast plate arrived, I was torn between which kind of syrup I would smother the waffles with. Perhaps the good old-fashioned maple? Strawberry? Blueberry? Apricot? Boysenberry? Maybe I would be bold and choose the pecan syrup? (I went with maple.)

I left the restaurant that day stuffed and happy as a clam. I was a brand new fan of Waffles Cafe. I think it was a foreshadowing of how I would come to love living in Yakima: Can't decide what to do with the rest of my life so in the meantime, why not enjoy a big plate of waffles?

I cannot wait until they open Waffles Cafe back up because my COVID bawdy (and my appetite) will be ready!

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