The recent reports are showing 770 have died due to coronavirus. To put that into perspective, here are some towns that have less than a population than people have died in Washington so far.

City-Data shows 140 cities in Washington state have a population less than 770. Here are just a few of them.

Swede Heaven comes the closest with 768 people. It's a little north of Everett with a gorgeous backdrop of the cascades in everyone's backyard.

In Yakima county, alone, we host five of those cities. Naches at 801, Cowiche at 428, Eschbach at 415, Tampico at 312 and our humble palindrome town of Harrah at 627.

Thorp, just a little northeast of Ellensburg, only has 240 people. Imagine a timeline where we don't have that awesome Thorp antique store!

The awesome town of Ronald only has a population of 308. Ronald was always a fun stop during the Central Washington Bike Nights.

Easton is a popular 'gotta stop and grab something before Snoqualmie pass' location. With only 478 people, I'm sure many of the town's tourism dollars come from that restaurant and gas station alone right off the hightway.

Snowqualmie Pass, itself, only has a population of 311. I try to stop by that Dru Bru tap room if I have the time.

I wasn't really going anywhere with these numbers. I'm a visual thinker and love analogies so if I put those numbers in these small towns, it'd be catastrophic.

This population info comes from

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