Valentines day can really sneak up on you, especially when life is busy, work is demanding and everything gets away from you. So instead of doing nothing let us give you a few ideas for your romantic stay at home date.

We'll give you some restaurants and cute ideas to go along with them for you to celebrate with the love of your life this Valentines day. Or maybe just a special someone you're trying to impress. Either way we'll make sure you look like a real Casanova.

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3.) At Home Camping Trip

It may not be the best weather for camping but what's more romantic and cute than indoor camping? use pillows, blankets, chairs, anything you can get your hands on to build your indoor tent. If you can afford it or have one set up a projector on the wall, pull up a YouTube video with a roaring fire and enjoy some smores.

I'd even suggest going as far to order from Lariat-BBQ and enjoy a cookout meal for a indoor camping experience!

2.) At Home Romantic Dinner

If you're a pro in the kitchen this one is easy, if not we have the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner. First you'll wanna set up a two person table int he middle of a room, set up candles, a bucket of ice and champagne, get that blue tooth speaker connected and create a romantic playlist with some of your favorite music between the two of you.

Make some fancy dinner that you know they'll love and enjoy a night of conversation and love between each other. Top off the night with a delicious dessert, again we can't claim to know what your favorite is but chocolate covered strawberries are always a good go to.

If you're not the best in the kitchen don't even sweat it, we suggest ordering food from WaterFire Bar and grill for some of the most delectable and romantic food you can find in the valley.

1.) At Home Spa Experience

Most of the time people just wanna know you care by pampering them and showing them how much you love them. This date idea requires some thought from you to really nail this. However, we'll give you some starter ideas to get things going. First get some mud masks,  a new robe, relaxing candles, a bath bomb, massage oil and some rose pedals. Using all of these I'm sure you can figure out how to get to the romantic spa evening.

First set everything up, have the bathtub cleaned, the candles lit and roses leading to the tub and in it. Surprisingly enough rose pedals are amazing for the skin and are commonly used at spas.

Order out from Cowichie Canyon kitchen for delicious food and romantic meals, or make an at home dinner and pamper your partner every way possible to give them the best Valentines day experience.

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