#stopcomplainingstartcooking That's the hashtag you're greeted with when you arrive to Urban Kitchen's website, the creator Shawn Niles, has whooped up quite a buzz around cooking in the Yakima Valley! His passion for food runs deep and after an experience competing on MasterChef in 2017 has capitalized on the relationships built opening The Lab in Yakima and assisting with Il Grasso in Zillah.

He also just announced his fourth round of applicants for Urban Kitchen!

Urban Kitchen was created as an opportunity for students, ages 10-18, in the Yakima Valley to gain incredible life skills while working in a fun, culinary environment. But not only will the students gain culinary skills, they will also gain business skills as they learn to put what they've learned to work; in an actual restaurant environment.  The 4-month program takes place in three phases throughout the year. Classes will run every Wednesday & Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm.

One thing I have yet to mention...IT'S FREE! Based off of the generous donations of the community and private funding if you are truly have a child who is interested and you know that they will be able to attend all the classes, apply today. Being that it's free it's really important to be able to commit to the entirety of the program, this could be the beginning of an incredible cooking journey so if you're not all in, wait until you know you will be.

At the wrap-up the courses there is usually a pop-up where the community, family and friends of the newly trained cooks can check-out their delicious dishes. They'll be learning everything about the front and back of the house and putting it into action. Help support and spread the word!

Urban Kitchen of Days Past

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