Did Trey Songz really show us his hoo-hong during his OnlyFans video chat? That's what the peoples are saying on Twitter.

I do not have an OnlyFans account, and even though Trey Songz is trying to tempt me to open up an account for "research purposes", I will refuse. Will power is a must! I don't care if they are now showing Trey Songz Schlongs!

Why am I calling his body member a "hoo-hong"? Because "hoo-hah" is already taken.

News has exploded on Twitter about a leaked video that featured Trey Songz involved in some, let's say, sensual shenanigans. During the shenanigans, one can apparently clearly see what Trey is working with if you catch my drift.

I looked at Google Trends and it seems Washington is searching for "trey songz video" and "trey songz twitter" and "trey songz onlyfans".

If you check out OnlyFans on Google Trends, Washingtonians are looking up Trey and Belle Delphine (who is that)?

Belle is apparently a lady who recently told YouTube star, Logan Paul, that she is selling her bathwater on OnlyFans for $30 a jar and says she makes over 1 million dollars a MONTH. Say what, now? People are out here selling their bath water and people are actually BUYING it? Shewt, then let me start up an OnlyFans! I wanna make some millions a month, too! I will not only sell you my bathwater, but I will also throw in some toenail clippings for $20 extra! Have at it, hoss!

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