I don't make the rules, I just look at 'em and figure out whether I'll follow them or not. The #MaskUp rule, for instance, is definitely one that I looked at and said, "Yup, I'm following that one!" The travel rule is another mandate that I saw, considered, and went, "Indeed! I'm not traveling out of state for nothing and nobody until this coronavirus thing gets under control!"

I was supposed to send my kiddo, Willow, out to Mississippi for the summer to spend time with one of my BFFs and her kids, but those plans were made BEFORE The Rona. Willow had been looking forward to getting out of dodge for a few weeks, and I was excited to have her spend some time away on the beach. Even though Mississippi is not on a travel restriction to or from Washington state, I made the judgment call that there is no way I am flying Willow out to Mississippi. (Mississippi's coronavirus rates have spiked up way too high for my liking, and my best friend is concerned about Willow's travel safety, too.) I guess we'll just have to plan for Willow to venture out to Biloxi next summer if the COVID disease can be tamed.

Currently, Washington doesn't have any restrictions on travelers from out of state, however, various state governors are handing out some urgent "rules" for those of us who are planning trips from our state. The District of Columbia has joined the fray of travel advisories for Washington residents. Other states included in this list (as of July 30) are Alaska, Connecticut, Florida (only has travel restrictions if your state has significant community spread of COVID-19), Hawaii, Maine (unless you have paperwork showing a negative coronavirus test result), New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

That's right, we'll stay far away from y'all. We are trying to get our own mess under control in Washington, thank you very much. Until then, most of us will think about traveling out of state again in a few months!

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