When I moved to Yakima in 2002, I was a size 6. I had always been a thin girl, in fact, mean bullies in my kindergarten class would call me "Olive Oil" (named after Popeye's girlfriend). Sometimes when I would walk past boys in my class, they would strike the pose of a flamingo, basically to mock me for having stick legs.

After  I moved to Yakima, though, the weight begin to pile on. I got a bit fluffy and grew to size 16. It was so hard for me to find cute, fashionable clothes that made me feel vibrant, alluring, sexy and whatnot. After I got laid off from my job in 2009, the weight seemed to melt away and my body decided to rest at size 10/12. Sometimes, it is still hard to find really cute clothes, especially when the larger sizes that I fit are the first to get scooped up by other patrons.

It is too bad that we didn't have a Torrid Plus Size Fashion store here back in 2008! I first heard about Torrid last year from my friend Michele, who said it's one of her favorite boutiques to shop

If you are like me and cannot WAIT until Torrid opens, make your plans now to attend their "Friends & Family" soft opening date on Monday, June 25th, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The official opening date to the public is on Saturday, June 30th.

Torrid is managed by Valley Mall, located at 1732 E Washington Ave, Space # 1E1. If you would like to work there and get an application, they are currently hiring.


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