It's finally time for Summer Vacation 2018!

If you are like me, I don't want to drive for more than five hours. I am ready to plan a vacation beach trip for me and my 7-year old daughter, Willow.

There are a few popular and hidden beaches you can visit within five hours of Yakima, (including a nude beach!) and I am going to share them with you!

What are your favorite beaches near Yakima?

  • 1

    Coulon Beach

    1201 Lake Washington Blvd N

    Renton, WA

    The official name for this beach is Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, but the locals call it Coulon Beach. If you've ever been to Renton or stopped to shop at The Landing, then you are just a couple of hours away from Yakima to the beach!

    Coulon Beach has around 57 acres around Lake Washington, and it is lovely, quaint and perfect for a family day at the beach. It has a walking/jogging trail and a playground. Lifeguards are on site daily from 12pm-8pm from now until Labor Day.

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    The Nude Beach: Collins Beach

    NW Reeder Rd

    Sauvie Island, Portland, OR

    This clothing-optional beach is open to all, including minors.

    One Yelp reviewer of the nude beach, Gina L, wrote: "Beautiful beach, I came to see the 'UFO' that is on this beach and I ended up have the best time. My dogs loved the beach. People were nice, so friendly and yes.. the majority of people were all nude. All different ages, sexes and sizes. So if you are uncomfortable seeing others naked, I would check out the other areas of Sauvie Island. I wish I was more confident and partaken in the free feeling of no clothes but alas perhaps next time."

  • 3

    Willow Bar Beach

    mile, 7 Reid Dr

    Sauvie Island, Portland, OR

    This beach is only twenty minutes from Portland, but you do need directions because it is easy to get a little lost trying to find it.

    My friends took Willow and I there when we visited them last Memorial Day weekend, so it was a bit crowded. The beach is peaceful and pretty, which makes it a perfect beach getaway that is less than four hours away from Yakima!

    You can buy a beach parking permit down the road at the Reeder Beach RV Country Store.

  • 4

    Ocean Shores

    Hwy. 115 turns into Damon Rd

    The self-proclaimed "Washington's Favorite Beach Getaway", and that is not untrue.

    When my father passed away in 2003, my friends took me along on their road trip to Ocean Shores, and it was quite a therapeutic trip for my soul!

    I can see why many people flock to this beach town. There are places to camp or stay in a hotel, as well as get yourself some great food and walk along the ocean shore to get that sand between your toes.

    It will take you about a five hour drive from Yakima to get to Ocean Shores.

  • 5

    Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach, Pacific St

    Cannon Beach, OR

    Cannon Beach is supposedly one of the prettiest beaches on the Oregon coast, so a visit here is going on my bucket list! It should take about five hours to reach Cannon Beach from Yakima.

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