The Mega Millions is up to $20,000,000 this coming Tuesday in the Washington Lottery. If you win, I will call you "that lucky sonnavah..."

In order to win the MEGA Millions, you will have to guess all 5 numbers plus the extra lucky sixth number, too. You have a one in a bajillion chance to win. Good luck!

Meanwhile, the rest of us peons are struggling to come up with the right numbers to choose so that we, too, can become a mega millionaire.

What kinds of stuff would Washingtonians buy if they won the lottery? I have an idea what the top five things on that list would be!

The most expensive stuff
you can buy on Bergdorf Goodman: Honey, if you win the MEGA Millionsn, you can afford to buy this
66-piece dinner flatware from Bergdorf Goodman! It's only $15,760. You're a big spender now, you can afford it.
TUTTLE Pantheon 66-Piece Dinner Flatware Set via
Pantheon 66-Piece Dinner Flatware Set via
  • Tricked-Out RV: Comedian/Actor J.B. Smoove recently joined the world of tricked-out RV's. I am officially envious. Watch this video he made for Architectural Digest where he shows off his new beauty. It even comes with its own garage, loft, and mini-bar!
    • Alexa Upgrade with the voice of Gilbert Godfried or Wanda Sykes: Can you even order an Alexa with a different voice? I think I heard somewhere that you can get one with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, but I could be mistaken. Oh, here it is on Amazon for 99 cents!
    • Extra Big Tires for the Rig: Oh, sookie, sookie now! I drive a 2007 PT Cruiser but it would be dope if I won the lottery because I would totally get some 44-inch BOGGERS to jack that bad boy up!
    Super Swamper Tires via
    Super Swamper Tires via

    Or you can treat your friends to this PT Cruiser Limo.

    • $100 grocery gift cards for your whole neighborhood: There's nothing better than sharing the wealth with your family and friends and the 'hood. YOU get a gift card, and YOU get a gift card, and YOU get a gift card!

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