I refuse to believe this report about the top selling item people are buying at Walmart in Washington state. There is NO WAY this is the most popular item we are buying out here!

When was the last time you bought some Starburst?

According to Business Insider, customers surveyed in Washington state are buy Starburst candies more than any other item in the store. I must be the only person in the state who is not buying this. When I go to Walmart, I am usually buying bedding, a few groceries and cheapo Seattle Seahawks blankets for $11! My 6-year old doesn't even like Starburst! This survey is might suspect! Lies, I say! LIES!

This must be some of that FAKE NEWS! 😂

If you want to see what other states like Oregon and Idaho are reporting as the best selling items at Walmart, click here.

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