Let's keep in mind all of the ones who have sacrificed their lives in service to America, after all, that is what Memorial Day is all about. Another holiday is coming up soon and I've got my top three things to do while you're stuck in Memorial Day Weekend traffic. My 10-year-old daughter, Willow, says one way to keep from being bored is to bring your electronics like a tablet, computer, phone, or a Nintendo Switch to keep you preoccupied, but those things aren't very sociable!

Whether you are heading up to Lake Chelan to take a joyride on a boat or zipping over to Suncadia to stay in one of those fancy vacation homes or heading over to the Westside or Eastern Washington, you will likely run into some heavy almost-post-pandemic traffic.

PLAY Slug Bug (Punch Bug) TESLA: Did you play the "Slug Bug" game as a kid, where every time you were on a road trip and you saw a Volkswagen Beetle car on the road you had to "punch" somebody in the car on their arm? I used to play that with my little brother whenever we were riding around town in my mom's Dodge Omni!

Count How Many Times You See Cows on the Trip: An oldie but goodie. When Willow was a toddler and preschooler, it was so cute to yell out, "LOOK OVER THERE! DO YOU SEE THAT A COW?" while we were riding in the car. I don't do it all that much anymore. I should start that tradition back up. Give my child something new to make her roll her eyes at me!

Bring a bunch of food: This was actually Willow's suggestion, but I second that. You can never have too many snacks in the car to keep you occupied on a road trip unless you are me and then you will inevitably end up spilling all the snacks to the floor because you hit the brakes a lot!

One other thing you can do is stop off an exit and take some roadside pictures for your scrapbook photo album!

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend, whatever you do!

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