Sometimes I love to go to a yard sale. You can really find some good stuff. It seems like every yard sale I go to in the Yakima Valley always has a huge amount of clothes. It is very rare that I will buy clothes from a yard sale. It has to be really good clothes -- like a leather jacket, boots that I can clean or vintage clothing for fun. Many years ago I went to a yard sale where an older woman was selling all of her son's vinyl records. I didn't even look at them, I just love vinyl. She said that she would take $100 for all of them. I told her it was a deal. I loaded the 18 boxes of vinyl that she had sold me and then I asked her why she was selling her son's collection. She got a pretty angry look on her face and told me that it would serve him right.

I felt kind of bad taking the guy's vinyl for only $100, but she told me to go before she changed her mind. So off I went!

When I got home and started looking through the vinyl collection, I about passed out. There was everything in there.

I scored two Beatles white albums, Stevie Wonder's double vinyl that is now worth about $300 alone. I also got every David Bowie and Hank Williams Sr. album, plus many more. I was in heaven! Still am!

In one of the boxes was some super-old sheet music for piano, guitar and other instruments. It really was incredible.

There was also an original book, "Fountain Head," which was kind of weird. I had it appraised and it was valued at over $250. I got a whole lot more in those boxes than I had even dreamed.

This is what I look for: cool stuff.

Remember that when you go hunting at Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale this Saturday (May 13) in the Perry Tech parking lot. Brought to you by Goodwill in Yakima, Selah and Ellensburg. Who knows what you'll find?

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