The Sweetest, Most Beautiful Baby Shower I've Ever Been to in the Yakima Valley

Baby Shower in Wapato
Reesha Cosby

The Sweetest, Most Beautiful Baby Shower I've Ever Been to in the Yakima Valley

It was like walking into a dream! My sweet friend, Charity, is having a baby and her family threw her a baby shower this past Sunday. It started off a bit cloudy and breezy and we were worried that it was going to rain on our party, but not long after we started eating, the rainy sprinkles and clouds disappeared and the Yakima Valley sun was out in full shine!

Let me tell you! This was the sweetest, most beautiful baby shower I've ever been to in the Yakima Valley, dare I say in my entire life! I have been to quite a few baby showers over the years but never have I seen such a glorious spread of food and a scenic backdrop of nature like this.

My friend, Tiara, and Charity's niece, Onna, helped set up the table and the food. There was an assortment of cherry danishes, beige chocolate covered strawberries with drizzles of icing and edible glitter sprinkles. trail mix blends of raisins, cashews, and walnuts, brie, water crackers, wheat thins, chocolate covered almonds, and fruits like pineapple chunks, strawberries, and blueberries. There were also blueberry and cherry almond cakes and freshly made peach lemonade. One of Charity's aunts brought some detox tea that she had home brewed herself.

The theme of the baby shower was Boho Chic, short for Bohemian Chic, so everyone was encouraged to wear something flowery and eclectic. I joked that I was going to come dressed up like I was going to Coachella but I opted for a navy blue dress with yellow flowers on it along with my straw hat that has "Life is Sweet" embroidered on it in pink threads.

The baby shower was hosted on Charity's sister's farm out in Wapato. We played fun baby shower games and one of her Grandmas kept winning the games unintentionally, that was pretty hilarious.

Charity is having a baby due around July 4th and she and her partner are naming the baby Harper regardless of its gender (she is keeping it a surprise even from herself)!

Charity, your family put on such a beautiful shower and I wish you and Baby Harper all the love in the world!

Boho Chic Baby Shower at The Campbell Farm in Wapato, Washington

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