I drive by and I see these McDonald's locations hiring for big money. Like, really big money to me! It reminded me of the time I was turned out from a job at Mcdonald's. I know what you're thinking, 'but McDonald's will hire anyone looking for work.' Well, you're mostly right as they wouldn't hire me but, to be fair, I was being stubborn.

To backtrack a little to 1992. My brother worked at McDonald's and was well-received as a beneficial asset to that location. He'd work as needed, come in early, do his best, fill in for others who called in sick or couldn't make it in for any reason. He has and always has had a great work ethic.

I was at that age where I could start looking for part-time work while still attending high school so had my ears open for opportunities. Prior to this, I worked as a paperboy for the Yakima Herald-Republic for about a year or so when I was 12. Not too long but long enough to know I can be making more money with more places I can work when I hit that certain age.

That's when my brother mentioned how much he likes working at McDonald's. I figure it can't be all that bad. I mean, I get to be surrounded by Chicken McNuggets all day, sounds like a dream come true!

Knowing I was my brother's brother, the manager was eager to have me come in for an interview. My first interview, neat! Everything first-time is always a new experience for me and something to remember. I showed up on time, wore clean clothes. Nothing too fancy but I wasn't wearing ripped shorts and a graphic-T, either. Polo and pants if I remember correctly.

I'm here to tell you, I thought I did pretty well in my first real-life job interview. He'd ask questions, I'd answer them and the reactions would seem to favor in my direction. This all came to a screeching halt at the very end. That's when he dropped this corporate bombshell on me.

He told me that men were not allowed to have hair past their collar.

I don't think this is a rule anymore, but seem like it was in the early-mid 90's.

Keep in mind, this is me, being a teenager in 1992. I wish I had photo proof but I had probably, in my opinion, quite possibly the best, most exquisite, most luxurious mullet in all of high school. My thick, dirty blonde with a tinge of red, naturally wavy/curly hair was something many pay top dollar to emulate at hair salons around the world. To me, it came naturally and I was proud of it. I mean, not 'proud' but I grew this thing out for 2 straight years and now they want me to chop it off all for $4 an hour?

The interview took place in the dining area. I could see a woman in the back working with a long, bushy ponytail. I mentioned her hair is longer than mine. I wish I could remember what the manager said in return but it was something about not wanting to get hair in the food. When, again, her hair was WAY longer than mine and not near as kept. I said I could put my hair in a ponytail, too. It wasn't good enough.

I thanked him for his time, probably ordered Chicken McNuggets on the way out and that was that. All because I didn't want to cut my hair, which even back then I was thinking cutting my hair was a non-issue as I can always grow it out again, it was far more important to keep my sweet style than work there.

I did end up cutting my mullet later that year and found employment at other fine places around Yakima but I never donned a McDonald's hat all because I didn't want to lose my mullet.

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