My ruling stands! Let me know, however, what song you think I should have chosen for your city*, and maybe I'll change it if there's enough hoopla! (I even threw the city of Ellensburg into the mix!)

*What a cool idea! A radio deejay at one of our sister stations, DJ Digital, polled listeners in his city to see what song they would choose as their official rap songs.

  • Buena

    The Breaks

  • Cowiche

    Rebirth Of Slick

  • Ellensburg

    I Got 5 On It

  • Gleed

    Gin & Juice

  • Grandview

    Nuthin But A 'G Thang

  • Mabton

    Move B***h

  • Moxee


  • Naches

    My Name Is

  • Prosser

    Push It

  • Selah

    Rapper's Delight

  • Sunnyside

    It Was A Good Day

  • Terrace Heights

    Walk This Way

  • Tieton

    It's Tricky

  • Toppenish

    California Love

  • Wapato

    Fight The Power

  • West Valley

    Gangsta's Paradise

  • Yakima

    Get Ur Freak On

  • Zillah