It's national dress-up your pet's day and Washingtonians all over are celebrating with some of the cutest pics of their furry friends. Life in the pandemic is tough and there have been so many changes that affected our everyday lives.

One thing that hasn't changed is how much we still love our pets, during covid many lost their jobs or had to work from home making it so they see their furry family members a lot more.

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They've put so many smiles on our faces, through stress, work, the pandemic the furry babies are always there to put our minds at ease. Some of them love being dressed up...others not so much.

However, we asked you to submit your pet photos and you came through! Granted this is only the first batch, if you're looking to show off your pet in cute costumes make sure to tap that bull app and submit your photos. You can also do this by liking us on Facebook and sending us the pictures through posting on our wall or in a direct message.

National Dress up your Pets day

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted the photos! We'll make sure to keep adding as long as you keep sending them!



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