TODAY IS the First Day of Winter (Winter solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 8:28 AM).

Does anyone remember why it is the shortest day of the year? HANDS? HANDS?

It's because of the Earth tilting with an axis and the Tropic of Capricorn and whatnot. Sunlight will gradually last longer beginning today until Summer Solstice (June 21, 2018). Thank you for the brief science lesson reminder.

I wish we could take a trip to Stonehenge for a wild Winter Solstice party, but since we can't, please enjoy my old school jams Winter Solstice Ritual Chant for a prosperous winter!

Repeat after me:

I'm feeling good from my hat to my shoe.
Know where I am going.
And I know what to do.
I've tidied up.
My point of view.
I've got.
A new.

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