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The 90s are back in the Yak!

According to who you talk to, in certain circles, they never left. Some people are still stuck back in time and with their behind-the-times thinking, they haven't even made it up to the 21st Century yet!

Don't get me wrong, there were some AWESOME memories to be made from the 90s. I graduated high school in the 90s. I got my first job in the 90s. I fell in love with New Jack Swing in the 90s, although I do remember learning about Sting and The Police and punk rock music from a boy I had a crush on when I worked at Chuck E. Cheese in the 90s. (I think his name was Colby.) I remember Grunge and alt-rock being a big thing, too, especially here in the Pacific Northwest with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam!

It seems that with the dawning of a new decade another "ancient" one becomes the new "oldies". When I was becoming of age in the 90s, I recall that reminiscing about the 60s was the big draw. Fluorescent lipstick, bouffant hair, Aqua Net, and Soft Sheen hair spray were the things we thought of as "old school". When I think of the 60s, the movie Hairspray comes to mind. In the year 2021, the 90s are the new it thing.

What movies come to mind when you think of the 90s? I'm thinking about Boomerang, Clueless, Misery, Scream, House Party with Kid and Play, New Jack City, The Pelican Brief, Edward Scissorhands, Major Payne, Waterboy, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 2: The Bogus Journey, and Heathers (technically, Heathers is an 80s movie because it came out in 1989, potato, potahto).

There is an "altered 90s grunge rock party" happening at a local dance club in Yakima next weekend (June 5th). I am sure it will bring all sorts of "excellent" memories back to the Yak! I might just have to go!

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