A tattoo artist on TikTok sparked a viral debate after sharing that he uses lotion on clients who ask for numbing cream when getting new ink.

Posting under the username @mmf_tattoos, the tattoo artist claims that after a female client asked for numbing cream, he opted to give her lotion instead, saying that she wouldn't know the difference.

The viral video has garnered over 468,000 views and has left many TikTok users furious in the comments.

Many claim this method of practice is not only morally wrong but can be mentally damaging.

Numbing cream is used to lessen the pain of getting a tattoo. However, there is a stigma around asking for it because many people fear appearing "weak."

"I didn't even know numbing cream exists, but dudes telling women their pain isn't real isn't anything new or special," one user commented.

"I've never used it for mine but don't think you should've lied? What was gained? Also, can we normalize being comfortable?" another user asked.

"I love it when a man tells a woman how she perceives pain. I don't care if you're out of numbing cream. You tell them. You shouldn't be lying," someone else weighed in.

However, some seem to believe that using a numbing cream offers nothing more than a "placebo effect," and say that the spot the artist was tattooing was a "painless" spot anyway.

"That spot don't even hurt, lol. I went and got a tattoo on my arm, 4 hours long, no pain at all!" one user offered.

While the heated debate swirls around whether or not it was a tasteless prank or simply a painless spot to ink, an overwhelming number of viewers agree that a video promoting lying to customers is a no-no.

"It's not even about what you did. Lying to a customer means you're not a trustworthy artist," one TikToker wrote.

Many viewers remain hopeful that the tattoo artist was just kidding — and that he doesn't actually hold resentment for anyone who wants to use numbing cream.

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