Still alive!
The 33rd season of "Survivor" kicked off last week with Yakima native Michelle Schubert making her debut. It was a fast-paced episode full of twists and turns finally culminating with a puzzle challenge won by the Millennials, which sent Generation X to tribal council. It means tha…
Enduring memories
If you've been living on, say, a deserted island and have never had any reason to watch CBS's "Survivor," this might be your year.
Season 33 of the reality TV show, which pits millennials against Generation Xers this time, opens Wednesday (Sept. 21) with a distinctly local twist: West Valle…
Yakima's castaway
Yakima Valley will be represented on the next season of "Survivor" by Michelle Schubert, a 28-year-old 2006 graduate of West Valley High School. I see Yakima taking the "Survivor" series with this girl!