The other day I heard that some goofy guy went on national TV and said that he's afraid the Latinx community will overtake this country and America will end up with "taco trucks on every corner", to which I would just have to thumbs up and say, HAYYYYYYYYYYY!

America loves tacos! And America loves trucks! So what seems to be the problem here, sonny?

We have so many other things on every corner, so he's just trying to be ornery, and he can miss me with that mess! Just driving down one of the main streets in Yakima, I saw coffee stands on just about every corner, and churches, and other fast food joints, so why is he picking on taco trucks anyway?

Call me cynical, but I really find it hard to believe that actual food served from people inside a truck is a serious threat to our American society. Call me crazy. Not as crazy as the scaredy cat who was recently accused of being a scammer (nowhere near as cool as Joanne the Scammer). I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Gutierrez' statement preposterous. He's being mocked relentlessly on social media, and there's even a business group starting a movement called "Guac The Vote". HILARIOUS!

Disclaimer: I don't really eat at taco trucks that often, but at least I know where I can find a few. There's the one right by Davis High School, one on S. 9th Ave & Nob Hill Blvd, and another one near Fiesta Foods grocery store. It might not be on every corner, but there's one on pretty much every main street. So take that, Marco Gutierrez! :-P

Where is your favorite taco truck in Yakima?