Former New York Dolls guitarist and keyboardist Sylvain Sylvain revealed he’s been battling cancer for the past year, which is why he hasn't been active in the music industry for that time.

Fans have raised more than $30,000 via a crowdfunding campaign in its first two days, with a target of $80,000 to help him with his upcoming surgery and recovery. You can donate at this GoFundMe page.

“I know there has been some curiosity, speculation and, yes, rumor about why I haven't been Rampaging songs on FB or, more importantly, out on tour promoting my book There’s No Bones in Ice Cream and playing in a town near YOU,” Sylvain, 68, said in a statement on the GoFundMe page. “First the BAD news: For about a year now, I have been battling cancer. Then the GOOD news: I have an upcoming surgery with a great doctor that may do the TRICK.”

He added that his recovery was expected to take at least a year, causing further difficulties. “I have not been able to work since last year and have more surgery scheduled,” he said. “I love life! As hard as life has been to me these past two years, I want to live and I know with your love and support I’ll have the best chance that I could ever have.”

Published last year, There’s No Bones in Ice Cream is described as covering “the rise, fall and rise again of the New York Dolls, and all the misadventures between,” as well as  “the true story of one of rock's greatest, told in his own authentic voice.”

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