Most everyone has had a chance to sit with the many surprises of Rogue One, but if you want to know how it really all began, we’re headed back to Geonosis. So discovers Star Wars Rebels, as a new 2017 premiere trailer takes us from where Saw Gerrera saved the rebellion to when the rebellion saved him.

Disney XD released a new trailer connecting both Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels, taking us back to when the Forest Whitaker-voiced character was a bit less extreme, and a bit more whole. January 7 will again tease the Death Star’s construction in “Ghosts of Geonosis,” the full synopsis of which reads:

Part One

The crew returns to Geonosis in search of a missing rebel team sent to investigate suspicious activity there, and are surprised by what they find.

Part Two

After finding a missing rebel team member, the Ghost crew discovers another surprise on Geonosis, and work to conceal it from Imperial forces.

Saw Gerrera is just one of many connections Rogue One maintains to Star Wars Rebels, but will he be the only major character to appear in either? Stay tuned fore more of Rebels’ 2017 return for this Saturday’s “Ghosts of Geonosis.”

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