There is probably no more iconic Seattle eatery than Ivar's Seafood Restaurant.

That is why it is rather shocking to learn that the Port of Seattle plans to shut the Ivar's Seafood Restaurant Express at Sea-Tac airport.

Even the Ivar's company is shocked, and its homepage website,, has a link to  an online petition where you can beg the airport commissioners to keep the concession stand in-house. (Find the petition at

In the FAQ section of the petition, Ivar's explains that Sea-Tac port commissioners are not renewing the lease for the eatery located in the airport's Central Terminal. Ivar's has been a fixture at the airport for over twelve years as the best place to grab fish, clam chowder and more. (Here's a current list of shops and restaurants available at Sea-Tac airport.)

I, too, have stopped at Ivar's a time or two on my trips connecting through Sea-Tac, so it makes me wonder what other restaurant the Port of Seattle has up its sleeve to replace the Ivar's.

What is your favorite thing to order from Ivar's?

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