The trailers for Marvel’s new Secret Invasion series include a line of voiceover from Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury as he gravely announces that he still has “one last fight” left in him. It seems to suggest that this might be Jackson and Nick Fury’s farewell to the MCU, following the recent departures of other early MCU actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson in the last few years.

But at the Secret Invasion premiere, Jackson himself told a different story. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he has no intention to retire as Nick Fury. He said that he is happy to keep playing Marvel’s master spy “‘till they stop calling me.” He also said “As long as my phone rings, they can call me.”


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In Marvel Comics, Nick Fury served alongside decades of Marvel heroes. He fought in World War II and then in the 1960s was the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., a post he basically kept for several generations of Marvel Comics. The comics explained his longevity by giving him an “infinity formula” that stunted his aging. Samuel L. Jackson, sadly, does not have access to this fountain of youth. He’s currently 74 years old, so he won’t be able to keep doing this forever. (In the comics, the original Nick Fury — who was a white guy with an eyepatch — was recently replaced by his son Nick Fury Jr. — who looks a lot like Samuel L. Jackson — so I suppose the movies could try a similar trick at some point.)

In the meantime, though Jackson will be seen on Secret Invasion when it premieres tomorrow on Disney+.

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