If by some miracle you actually had plans last night, you missed Joe and Anthony Russo celebrating the one year anniversary of Avengers: Endgame by holding a watch-along for the film. While they reminisced with special guests like Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram Live, they also posted rare images and videos from behind the scenes.

One of the coolest clips they shared was Robert Downey Jr.’s final day on set on Endgame — and quite possibly for the last time on a Marvel movie ever. Obviously, that’s Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige who’s giving Downey the first hug in the video. Downey}s last day on set was in fact Tony Stark’s final showdown with Thanos and the “I am... Iron Man!” sequence. The Russos called Downey “the very definition of a legend.”

You should check out the entire @RussoBrothers Twitter feed for all the cool stuff they shared, including Chris Evans acting silly in his old man Steve Rogers makeup, and shots of Mark Ruffalo in his absurd motion-capture gear for the Hulk. They closed out the party with this video they shot after they snuck into a theater in Los Angeles on opening night to see the crowd’s reaction to the big “Avengers Assemble!” moment.

Avengers: Endgame is available now on home video.

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