If you cannot afford to go to the Red, Wine & Chocolate in the Yakima Valley event this weekend, here is your alternative celebration: "Red, Big Gulp And Chocolate"!

For just pennies on the dollar, you can custom-make your own Valentine's Day dream getaway, right in the heart of Yakima, and do it all on North 1st Street!

I have thought about everything you will need to do on North 1st Street to take your Valentine's weekend experience to the next level!

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    Shuttle Bus

    Worried about the cost of those expensive wine limousines? How about taking a luxurious shuttle bus for just $8 bucks total! (Fares are $1 per person, one way.) Simply arrive at the Yakima Transit downtown bus terminal (S. 4th Street and Walnut Ave) and ride in a fully heated ride (there's even free Wi-Fi) to get to your romantic excursion destination on North 1st St! Take Yakima Transit Bus No. 7 (40th Ave & Washington) for arrival and hop on Bus No. 9 (1st St/Washington) for the departure trip back to the Transit Center!

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    Don't worry about where to stay, there are several hotels, I mean motels, to choose from. (Bali Hai, Sunshine, Red Apple, etc. Whip out that credit card/debit card so you can spring for a suite!)

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    Start off your romantic weekend getaway buy enjoying a tasty brunch for two from Jack In The Box:
    Supreme Croissant or a Steak & Egg Burrito (Get a combo because it comes with coffee & hash browns)

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    Sightsee by walking hand in hand to the North 5th Ave roundabout (and back) and take selfies in front of the thawing waterfall. There might even be vendors selling Valentine's Day baskets and bouquets on the street! Score!

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    Adult Novelties

    For some extra romantic fun, run to the "adult store" for some lingerie and a movie.

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    Wine & Beer

    Buy a bottle of wine from AM/PM (or a 40 oz of Colt 45 for beer drinkers)!

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    Next, mozy back over to Jack In The Box for a lusty lunch, mozy back over to Jack In The Box and pick up some food for the wine/beer pairings!
    Wine Pairings: chicken or fish sandwich w/cheese & tomato, bacon cheddar wedges, Bacon ranch monster taco
    Malt Liquor Parings: Jumbo Jack w/cheese, 3 pc. Egg Rolls, 7 pc. Stuffed Jalepenos

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    Private Wine Tastings

    Take the food back to your motel room before it gets cold, and now you and your lover can host your private tastings!

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    After a little hanky panky, you can take yourselves to Red Lobster (as per Beyonce) for an early, but sensuous, seafood supper!

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    Finally, no North 1st Street romantic weekend getaway in Yakima is complete without walking down North 1st Street with a Big Gulp, just like the locals do. Stop by the 7/Eleven on the way home, and keep the cup as a souvenir of your unforgettable weekend!