It’s been three years since The Roots last released an album with 2014’s … And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, and with all the time that has passed, the legendary crew reportedly has a ton of new material.

During an interview with HipHopDX, Questlove gave an update on the album and revealed the group has more 250 songs recorded. According to the group’s drummer, recording a large number of songs isn’t new for them but with the death of their manager Richard Nichols in 2014, things have been different.

“The difference between this record and [the ones] that came before it was our longtime collaborator, who’s our manager and producer, is no longer with us,” said Questlove. “Usually, in that situation, [Nichols has] always been the centerpiece, the referee, between all the guys. So, this will be the first time we had to grow up and resolve our own arguments. But the one thing he was talented at was telling us to stop.”

According to Quest, it was around the 100-song mark that Nichols would tell them to stop. "Usually when we get to 100 songs, he’s like, ‘Guys. You have 100 songs. There’s 14 really good songs in these 100. Let’s stop and concentrate on the 14.’ Right now, we’re at 263. But ideas keep coming.”

But don’t expect The Roots’ next album to include 200 songs, as Questlove said he made a promise to stop by November.

“I made the promise that by November 1, we are stopping. And we’re just going to pick a good 14. And I’m certain by then, it’ll be 400 songs.”

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