While we continue to wait for several states to finish counting ballots in this year's election, we're learning of 2 states that actually had amendments involving SLAVERY on the ballot.

According to The Hill, Utah and Nebraska had measures on their states ballots which asked voters to decide upon stripping language involving slavery as a punishment for a crime from their states constitutions.

Despite the fact that slavery and indentured servitude was outlawed federally (and in Nebraska in 1875) many years ago, both states constitutions still listed the practice as a possible punishment for a crime.

In Utah, the amendment to remove slavery passed by 80 percent while in Nebraska 68 percent of voters passed the amendment. You may think "Okay it passed and voters rejected slavery" but let's talk about why this wasn't 100 HUNDRED PERCENT!

Like seriously, who still wants to have SLAVERY in the year of Lord 2020? In both states over 400,000 voters actually voted to keep SLAVERY LEGAL as a punishment for a crime.

This is why we have been STRESSING to you the importance of being an informed voter and knowing what's going on in the political process, your life and your freedom may very well depend on it.

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