Eye don't know what they've been putting in the water down in Pasco, but perhaps someone needs to test it because it might be causing people to do some dreadful things, like waxing toddlers' eyebrows.

There I was, perusing the local news stories, when I came across this headline that made me audibly gasp:

Did you just do a double take like I did?

To make matters worse, it allegedly didn't happen to just one child; a day care worker at the Brighter Horizons Nursery, operated by the Boys & Girls Club at the New Horizon's school campus, is being accused of waxing TWO young children's eyebrows without the parents' permission. If this is true, that is quite the unmitigated gall!

What had allegedly happened was, a 19-year old mom, Alyssa Salgado, claims that when she picked up her toddler from the daycare, she noticed her child, Liliayah had red blotches of skin between her eyebrows. Salgado says she also noticed her child no longer had a "unibrow", leading her to suspect that someone at the center had taken it upon themselves to wax her daughter's brows.

Salgado wrote about her experience and shared it to her Facebook page. Another parent with a child at the club, Glenda Cruz, came forward and said she had noticed the same thing had happened to her son, as well.

I know a lady who was once worried that her child would grow up to have a unibrow. She told me that seeing the unibrow sprouting on her baby kind of freaked her out and that she had considered waxing it. I gently reminded her that it is a preposterous idea to wax a CHILD and that society would question her judgment as a mother more so than judging her child's appearance for having a unibrow, which is something biologically uncontrollable.

Since waxing off body hair is an established cosmetic enhancement, to wax a child at that early age is only inviting the child to grow up with insecurities and expose it to unrealistic American standards of beauty. A child of that age is also not old enough to make the individual choice to remove the hairs between its eyebrows, not to mention the chemicals in body wax would cause unnecessary pain and skin irritation to a child's sensitive skin.

Some people are wondering if perhaps someone other than the daycare worker waxed her child's eyebrows, and that perhaps Salgad didn't particularly notice until that day. In the meantime, According to the Tri-City Herald Salgado has filed a police report. The Brighter Horizons daycare director adamantly denies the employee waxing accusations. The Boys & Girls Club at the Columbia Basin Community College is currently investigating these charges, and so far, they have not found any evidence to support either parents' claims.

Eye don't know what's going on, but eye hope they get to the bottom of this!

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