If you noticed a few extra law enforcement out and about over the holiday weekend, it wasn't your imagination.

From aviation division troopers from Washington State Patrol monitoring I-90 to extra troopers between Yakima and the Tri-Cities, law enforcement is also on the water.

Operation Dry Water kicked into full gear over the Fourth of July weekend.

A lot of boaters take safety for granted, but if you operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol and drugs it is not only unsafe — it's illegal.

Law enforcement wants to remind folks this year that Washington state's boating under the influence (BUI) law applies to all boats including kayaks, canoes, row boats and inflatable fishing rafts.

You are responsible for the safety and well being of everyone on board your craft. A responsible skipper will never operate under the influence or allow an intoxicated person to operate the boat. Be sure to check any prescription and non-prescription drugs for any side effects that could impede your ability to be alert.

Do everyone a favor, always designate a sober skipper. Take the pledge today!

State and local law enforcement agencies will join forces to conduct BUI emphasis patrols on waterways across Washington now through Aug. 19.


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