Hockey fans are growing impatient waiting for Seattle to get their NHL hockey team launched.

These ansty feelings are understandable. The team was supposed to be launched in 2020, but the opening date has been pushed to sometime in 2021. Of course, fans know that it will be worth the wait, but the waiting seems to be taking an extra F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Recently, a few sports websites sparked rumors that the new hockey team was going to be named the Seattle Kraken, according to KOMO news.

The excitement around our imminent Seattle hockey team is so big, a long-time Washington state House Representative recently announced that he is retiring from his position to take a job with the Seattle NHL. Rep. Eric Pettigrew says will be the director of suites services and a community ambassador for the new team.

People on Twitter eagerly jumped in on the fan fever and began debating their own preferred suggestions. There was "Seattle Sasquatch", "Seattle Sockeyes", "Seattle Freeze", and my personal favorite, "Rain City B**** Pigeons (RCBP)".

Fans took a poll for preferred team names and 31% of people surveyed want the team to be named after a mythical creature; 28% want a sea animal; 26% said historical references, and 14% said: "anything that eats Canucks."

Another poll indicated fans want names involving:
Things that swim - 35%
Things you fear - 27%
Things that fly - 26%
Things you climb - 11%

You can see the report of all other fun things Seattle NHL fans want here.

I just signed up for the waitlist for seattle NHL tickets once they go on sale. I'm pretty irate that season tickets for the inaugural season are already sold out. NOT FAIR!

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