My seven-year old daughter, Willow, has to follow one of those behavior clip charts at her elementary school.

She has followed this method since Kindergarten and the process is simple: Students begin each day on the color green and they can "clip up" or "clip down" to any color of the chart based on their positive or negative behaviors demonstrated in the classroom.

  • Pink: Marvelous
  • Orange: Awesome Job
  • Purple: Great Work
  • Green: Ready To Learn
  • Blue: First Warning
  • Yellow: Second Warning; Parents get called
  • Red: Go to the Principal's Office

My child's second grade teacher, Mr. Regalado, has a massive beard, so whenever a student's behavior is beyond "Marvelous" pink, he puts the clothes pin clip on his beard. It sounds crazy, but it is a unique motivator for the kids in his class. They all want to "clip off" the chart because they consider it to be a special honor to land in their teacher's beard.

It's always a special day when Willow tells me that she behaved so well in class that her clip is on display in Mr. Regalado's beard!

Hey, whatever works!

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