VHS stands for “Video Home System.” In 2019, very few homes in America still have a working system that can play videos. But that hasn’t stopped some die-hard collectors, who continue to pay top dollar for rare cassettes at conventions or on auction sites like eBay.

In the spirit of our recent article on still-valuable DVDs and Blu-rays, what follows is a list of completed eBay auctions for VHS tapes that fetched hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars. Granted, most VHS tapes on eBay are extremely cheap. (Got 60 cents? Then you can be the proud owner of a used VHS copy of Lethal Weapon 3 — it even comes with free shipping!) But a few, treasured tapes remain coveted by hardcore fans of the movies and this medium. Here are 20 of the priciest tapes on the market.

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