I got the surprise news that the movie Moana is now available on Netflix, and it made me think about my friend Becky's little daughter who absolutely love, LOVES the movie Moana.

On a recent girls' road trip to Wenatchee, my friend Becky plugged in her iphone to the stereo, and her 4-year old daughter, Charlotte, sang all the songs at the top of her lungs. My 6-year old, Willow, chimed in, sitting there in the backseat, and they both tried to out-sing each other. Too funny!

Which song from the Moana soundtrack does your child sing the most? I haven't seen the movie yet, so I couldn't tell you not ONE dang song on that thing.

Meanwhile, this viral video of a little girl singing her heart out to a Moana song at her pre-school graduation is making the rounds. Have you seen it? It's so cute!

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